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How to submit a complaint to the court?

The procedure for submission of complaints/applications to the Court and for hearing administrative cases is defined by the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania.

A complaint/application concerning actions/omissions or decisions of a central public administration body or concerning actions/omissions or decisions of a territorial public administration body may be submitted to the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court. 

Complaints in administrative dispute proceedings may be submitted by natural and legal entities, public administration bodies (including servants, officials and managers of public and municipal authorities) if they believe that their rights or statutory interests have been violated.

A complaint/application shall be signed by the applicant or his/her representative. Where a complaint/application is signed by a representative, the complaint/application shall be accompanied by a document proving the right to sign and submit the complaint/application to the Court on behalf of the person represented.

If you are willing to initiate administrative proceedings in our Court, you must submit a complaint according to the requirements of Articles 24, 25 and 35 of the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania and attach the documents in support of your claims to the complaint.

You may submit a complaint in person by visiting the Court* or may send it by post or by means of electronic communications through the E-Service Portal of Lithuanian Courts, by e-mail (signed by an electronic signature) or fax.

When submitting a complaint/application, the applicant must pay a stamp duty of EUR 30; when an appeal is submitted, a stamp duty of EUR 15 must be paid.

Where the complaints/applications are submitted to the Court only by means of electronic communications, 75 per cent of the payable stamp duty amount shall be paid for the relevant complaint/request/application.

The stamp duty shall be paid to the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania and the following shall be indicated in the payment order:

Beneficiary: Valstybinė mokesčių inspekcija prie LR FM

Beneficiary's code: 188659752


Account No.: LT 247300 0101 1239 4300

Payment code: 5660

Please note that in case you decide to send a complaint only by fax, you will have to deliver an original of the complaint to the Court not later than within 3 calendar days.

If you submit documents written in the language other than Lithuanian to the Court, in accordance with Article 9(2) of the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania, you must submit the translation of such documents into the Lithuanian language and the certification of the translation agency that the translation is correct.

The model form of the complaint is available on the E-Service Portal of Lithuanian Courts

Please, note that the Court does not provide legal consultations. In order to seek remedies for your potentially violated rights, you should contact an attorney at law or any other professional lawyer.