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Welcome to the website of Regional Administrative Court!

Regional Administrative Court hears cases wherein at least one of the parties to the proceedings is the State, a municipality or a State or municipal institution, an agency, a service, or a public servant. Administrative courts were established in Lithuania back in 1999.

All the information you may require on Regional Administrative Court is easily and quickly accessible on the website We hope that this website will allow finding the necessary information more operatively and conveniently both for professional lawyers and the ordinary citizens who are defending or intend to defend their interests in this Court.

On this website you may find not only all the indispensable information about the Court’s structure, competence, functions, history, territory of operation and statistics, the Court judges and the contact telephones of all the employees of the Court, but also useful advice on the procedure and the time limits of applying to Court, on the form of filing a complaint, on the procedure of accessing the file and the like.

In the website section “News” we shall regularly publish information on the court cases that have raised a great interest among the general public and the decisions reached therein. The relevant articles on law and law enforcement published in the mass media shall also be published in this Section, as well as the information on the changes in the court system and the legal acts under consideration. You may subscribe to the news.

The schedule of court hearings is being daily updated on the website – having entered some data in the search system you will find out when, where and what kind of case is going to be heard, and which judge or chamber of judges shall be hearing the case. The search criteria shall be limited to such extent as to protect personal data, secrets of private life and other data that is not to be made publicly available.

Those who wish to inquire about the rules of procedure of the Court should open the website section “Questions and Answers”. Here you will find precise and competent answers to the questions concerning the working procedures of the Court that you are concerned with.

The website contains numerous Internet links to other Lithuanian courts, state institutions, pre-trial institutions and legal acts regulating the work of the courts.

The disabled may also use the website since a special version of the website is fitted for these persons, and the information of the title page is also available for foreigners.